Multimedia Resources

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Web Link 1: Pew Research Center: Dataset FAQ
Description: The Pew Research Center website includes datasets that are available to download and analyze.

Web Link 2: World Prison Brief
Description: World Prison Brief collects statistics on the worldwide use of incarceration which could be utilized for a comparative analysis of prison trends.

Video 1: Examining Police Officer Crime
Description: Typologies of police officer crime are presented by a researcher.

Video 2: Violent Repeat Victimization: Prospects and Challenges for Research and Practice
Description: A researcher describes the results of her study on repeat victimization.

Audio 1: America’s Less Religious: Study Puts Some Blame on the Internet
Description: Results of a regression analysis indicate a decline in religious upbringing, an increase in college education, and an increased use of the Internet lead to religious disaffiliation.

Audio 2: Drawing Phony Connections with Mismatched Metrics
Description: Unlikely correlations between phenomena are described.