Multimedia Resources

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Web Link 1: Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
Description: Interested in juvenile delinquency and juvenile justice? Visit this website.

Web Link 2: Crime
Description: Empirical evidence is used to formulate criminal justice policy.

Video 1: Patrol Officer Exposure to Subcritical Incidents
Description: A researcher provides a conceptualization of subcritical incidents in her study of patrol officer trauma.

Video 2: What Is Naturally Occurring Data?
Description: A researcher describes naturally occurring data and how it can be used in social science research.

Audio 1: How Should We Test Students’ College Educations?
Description: How should the value of a college education be conceptualized and operationalized?

Audio 2: What Can A Personality Test Tell Us About Who We Are?
Description: Issues of reliability and validity in the Myers-Briggs personality test are explored.