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Journal Article 1: Roulet, T. J., Gill, M. J., & Stenger, S., & Gill, D. J. (2017, March). Reconsidering the Value of Covert Research: The Role of Ambiguous Consent in Participation Observation. Organizational Research Methods, 20(3), 487–517.
Abstract: This article analyzes the benefits and drawbacks of covert research and offers best practices to minimize ethical issues.

Journal Article 2: Bashir, N. (2017, September). Doing Research in People's’ Homes: Fieldwork, Ethics and Safety—On the Practical Challenges of Researching and Representing Life on the Margins. Qualitative Research18(6), 638–653.
Abstract: This study examines the ethical and safety considerations of conducting interviews in the homes of socially vulnerable respondents.