Multimedia Resources

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Web Link 1: Qualitative Archives: Short Descriptions
Description: The University of Essex has a collection of qualitative data sets available to the public.

Web Link 2: StoryCorps
Description: StoryCorps is a collection of oral histories from the National Public Radio (NPR).

Video 1: Consequences of a Prison Record for Employment: How Do Race, Ethnicity, & Gender Factor In?
Description: Using interview data from ex-offenders and employers, a researcher details the results of his study on post-prison employment.

Video 2: Mothers and Children Seeking Safety in the U.S.: A Study of International Child Abduction Cases Involving Domestic Violence
Description: Based on qualitative interviews, researchers examine the experiences of mothers who fled with their children to escape domestic violence.

Audio 1: The Ethnographic Dream
Description: An ethnography of native scholars and shamans is detailed.

Audio 2: Holocaust Survivors: Audio Gallery
Description: Interviews with Holocaust survivors are presented.