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Journal Article 1: Bryce, J., Brooks, M., Robinson, P., Stokes, R., Irving, M., Graham-Kevan, N., Willan, V., Khan, R., Karwacka, M., & Lowe, M. (2016, June). A Qualitative Examination of Engagement With Support Services by Victims of Violent Crime. International Review of Victimology, 22(3), 239–255.
Abstract: Using data collected in semi-structured interviews, this study examines victims of violent crime and their engagement in victim support services.

Journal Article 2: Sandberg, S., & Copes, H. (2012, November). Speaking With Ethnographers: The Challenges of Researching Drug Dealers and Offenders. Journal of Drug Issues, 43(2), 176–197.
Abstract: Based on interviews with ethnographers, this article explores the challenges of conducting ethnographic research with offenders and drug dealers.