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Journal Article 1: Felsinger, J., Fyfe, C.-M., & Smith, D. (2017, September). Working With Hate Crime Offenders: The ADAPT Programme. Probation Journal, 64(4), 413–421.
Abstract: This study describes a program for perpetrators of racially motivated hate crimes and suggests methods of evaluation for similar programs.

Journal Article 2: Baur, V. E., Van Elteren, A. H. G., Nierse, C. J., & Abma, T. A. (2010, June). Dealing With Distrust and Power Dynamics: Asymmetric Relations Among Stakeholders in Responsive Evaluations. Evaluation, 16(3), 233–248.
Abstract: This study explores the challenges of distrust and power imbalances among stakeholders, evaluators, and marginalized groups.