Multimedia Resources

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Web Link 1: The Urban Institute
Description: Using a variety of research designs, the Urban Institute explores issues in the criminal justice system.

Web Link 2: The National Science Foundation
Description: In addition to the natural sciences, the National Science Foundation funds research in the social sciences.

Video 1: LEADS Scholar Spotlight—American Society of Evidence-Based Policing
Description: A researcher describes his randomized experiment with police body-worn cameras.

Video 2: Understanding the Effects of Fatigue on Law Enforcement
Description: Two researchers explain their study which examines the impacts of fatigue and sleep deprivation on police use of lethal force.

Audio 1: Family Breakdown: Who Is Hardest Hit After Couples Split?
Description: The impact of family dissolution on adults and children are described.

Audio 2: Is Education Tied to Conspiracy Theory Belief?
Description: The difficulties in establishing a causal connection between education and conspiracy theory belief are discussed.