Learning Check Answers

Answers to the Learning Check boxes within the text are provided here for your reference.

Learning Check 15.1

The (1)                     Act is named after two victims of hate crimes. The (2)                  Act is part of the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) Program. A hate crime is an offense that must be (3)              by an individual with a bias against the victim’s race, religion, disability, sexual orientation and/or ethnicity/national origin. The (4)                  Theory was applied to understanding hate crimes against the Amish.


(1) Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention

(2) Hate Crime Statistics

(3) motivated

(4) Routine Activities


 Learning Check 15.2

(1)                     includes terrorist acts that transpire due to the direct, or indirect, guidance of the state or government. The term terrorism originated from the reign of terror that prevailed during the (2)              . The traditional terrorist organization comprised of (3)               . Another theoretical model that could enhance our understating of terrorism, which is used the military for teaching, training, and operational studies, is (4)                         .


(1) State-sponsored terrorism

(2) French Revolution

(3) Cells

(4) Game Theory


 Learning Check 15.3

The establishment of the (1)                                               was considered the most noteworthy transformation of the United States government in over fifty years.  The problem of (2)                is when agencies involved in the reorganization not only acquired new responsibilities but also were to continue with their agency’s missions prior to the merge. One of the most controversial of the new government policies after 9/11 is the (3)                            .


(1) Office of Homeland Security

(2) mission distortion