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Video Links

Sampling Distributions: Introduction to the Concept

Video describes sampling distribution and statistical inference. Illustrates sampling distribution of the sample mean in a simple example (7:51).

Sampling Distribution of the Mean

Video describes important properties of the sampling distribution of the mean and variance (5:26).

Proof that the Sample Variance is an Unbiased Estimator of the Population Variance

Describes why the sample variance is an unbiased estimator of the population variance (6:57).

Central Limit Theorem

This provides a video on central limit theorem, an article describing the concept, and a simulation to demonstrate the effect of sample size on the shape of the sampling distribution of the mean (:27).


Audio Links

Psychology Studies Biased Toward Western Undergraduates

Podcast describes that meta-analysis of scientific data show that top psychology research studies tend to make conclusions about human nature based on samples taken solely from Western undergraduate students (2:18).

What You Didn’t Know about the Stanford Prison Experiment

Describes the Stanford Prison Experiment and the flaws in the experiment (10:15).

Simone Schnall: “Moral Intuitions, Replication, and the Scientific Study of Human Nature

Conversation about replication of social psychology studies and what counts as “admissible evidence” in science (42:12).


Web Links

Science: A Relationship You May Not Understand

An NPR article applies the issue of trusting “scientific claims” by discussing that the conclusions drawn from scientific studies almost always involve generalizing from a sample to a population. Describes what a sample is.

Sampling With and Without Replacement

This article compares sampling with and without replacement using an example to illustrate the differences.

Errors in Statistical Data

This article describes factors that impact sampling error and factors that decrease standard error.

The Grammar of Mathematics: Writing about Variables

The table provides some of the most common statistics (written-out and abbreviated forms) and how to use them following APA style.

Conducting Educational Research: Creating Tables and Figures

Provides examples of how to organize statistics into tables and figures.