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Video Links

Intro to Factorial ANOVAs

Brief introduction to factorial ANOVAs (5:59).

Definitions and Example of Multi-Factor Between-Subjects ANOVA

This video defines main effects, interactions, and the relationship between the two. It also discusses an example and plots the means for an interaction (10:00).

Main Effects and Interactions

Description of main effects and interactions in factorial ANOVA experiments (11:25).

Factorial ANOVA

This video describes factorial ANOVA and the type of variables that are included. Includes interesting example to further illustrate the concepts (9:09).

How Do Factorial Designs Work?

This engaging video discusses a two factor research design using an interesting topic: Physical attractiveness (15:42).


Audio Links

Two-Way ANOVA: Interaction

Further clarifies what an interaction is and when it occurs. A powerpoint is provided but it can be used as audio only (3:33).

Internal Validity

Lecture on threats to internal validity (16:40).

Dave Brodbeck—Factorial ANOVA

This entertaining lecture by Dave Brodbeck describes factorial ANOVA (57:13).

Dave Brodbeck—Factorial ANOVA 2

Another factorial ANOVA lecture by Dave Brodbeck (53:44).


Web Links

Mixed ANOVA Using SPSS Statistics

Provides introduction to mixed ANOVA and how to use SPSS to conduct the analysis. Three study designs and examples are provided.


This website provides an explanation of a two-way ANOVA, advantages of factorial design, and practice problems.

Interaction Effects

This helpful handout provides background on the analysis and interpretation of interaction effects in the ANOVA.

Two-Way ANOVA and Interactions

Describes two-way ANOVA and interactions as well as interprets SPSS output of an example problem.