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Video Links


This video discusses key points of probability (9:44).

Probability Distributions

This video includes discussion of key points of probability distributions (9:33).

Probability: Binomial Distributions

This video describes binomial probability and provides an example of how to compute binomial probabilities and the mean and standard deviation of binomial distributions (6:25).


Audio Links

The Stupidest Statistics in the Modern Era

NPR discusses meaningless statistics in sports (3:58).

Why People Probably Don't Understand Probability

Professor Andrew Gelman discusses how people misunderstand probability when it comes to the coin toss (4:17).


Lecture on statistics and probability (15:41).


Web Links

Independent and Dependent Probability

Series of videos that describe independent and dependent events in regards to probability. Provides numerous examples to illustrate the points.

Rules of Probability

This article describes the rules of probability, example problems with answers and explanations, and probability calculator.

Bayesian Probability

Concise description of Bayes’s theorem.

Gambler’s Fallacy

This simulation illustrates the link between the number of trials and expected outcome of probability distributions.