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Video Links

Repeated Measures t Test

Description and example of repeated measures t test (3:44).

Hypothesis Testing on Matched Pairs Design for Mean

Lesson on performing hypothesis testing on matched pairs design using t test (7:04).

Effect Size for Dependent Samples t Test

This video calculates effect size including Cohen’s d (2:25).

Paired Samples t Test

Paired samples t test tutorial provides audio, powerpoint slides, and SPSS to discuss paired t Test (8:34).

Paired t Test Example

Podcast talks about paired Test by walking through a real-life example. While this is a video, this could also be used as audio only (4:01).


Audio Links

Matched Pairs and Independent Groups

Discusses advantages and disadvantages of matched pairs and independent groups designs (2:13).

Repeated Measures

Discusses repeated measures and the advantages and disadvantages of each design (4:24).

Lecture on t Tests

Thorough lecture on t Tests (56:39).


Web Links

Dependent t Test Using SPSS

Provides overview of paired-samples t test, including an introduction to the topic, assumptions, how to conduct the analysis in SPSS, and how to write up results.

t Test

Describes t tests for two-related (dependent) samples of interval data. Includes definitions of related topics.

How Are Dependent and Independent Samples Different?

Specifies how dependent and independent samples are different.

How to Write APA Style Results

A PDF of how to write APA style results.