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Video Links

What Is a Standard Normal Distribution?

This video provides a visual and audio description of the normal curve. This is discussed in simplified terms with drawings (4:33).

Find the z Score

Describes z scores and how to find the z score of a data point (2:06).

An Introduction to the Normal Distribution

This video describes the normal distribution and important key points (5:26).


Audio Links

Put Away the Bell Curve: Most of Us Aren’t “Average

New research suggests that rather than describe how humans perform, the bell curve may actually be constraining how people perform (4:33).

A Scientific Approach to Helping the Homeless

New York writer Malcolm Gladwell discusses how the homeless problem could be solved if assistance were provided to a small number of permanently homeless people (7:21).

Carl Friedrich Gauss

BBC podcast that gives a historical overview of the Gaussian, or bell-shaped, distribution and how it is used today (13:49).


Web Links

Descriptive Statistics and Psychological Testing

This website illustrates the normal curve and discusses the meaning behind it. Also discusses scores (T scores, z scores, scaled scores) and percentiles.

The Normal Curve

This article describes the normal curve and how to find the area under the normal curve.  

z Score Calculator

This article and calculator describe how to convert a z score to a raw score.

Raw Score Calculator

This article and calculator describe how to convert a raw score to a z score.

Normal Approximation to the Binomial

A description of the relationship between the normal distribution and the binomial distribution and how to use the normal distribution to approximate the binomial distribution are provided.