Video and Multimedia

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Technology Driving Change

This video relates to Learning Objective 2-3.  Learn more on page 41.

In “The Future of Work in America,” Derek Thompson and James Bennet discuss how automation and technology affects jobs and individuals.

  1. Does your job give you a sense of purpose?
  2. How do you imagine your job, or desired job, will change in the future as technology progresses?
  3. Do you agree with Thompson that technological change will be a positive force in the job market?



This video relates to Learning Objective 2-4.  Learn more on page 45.

This clip gives a brief overview of the Enron scandal.

  1. How can corporate culture lead to the downfall of a business?
  2. Can this happen to a large business organization again?


Civil Action

This video relates to Learning Objective 2-4.  Learn more on page 46.

Before environmental care and issues were popular, a handful of 1980s’ families sued companies for environmental pollution.  Several deaths and illnesses were linked to the polluted drinking water.  A Civil Action is a film based on their story.

  1. Why do people take water for granted?
  2. Can this happen in your neighborhood? How?
  3. What does integrity and moral development mean?
  4. What can cause a person to pursue justice with such tenacity?


How Ethical Are You?

This video relates to Learning Objective 2-5.  Learn more on page 48.

Ever wondered how you would respond to certain ethical scenarios?  This video provides a few situations where you ask some ethical questions.

  1. Can someone date another person in the workplace?
  2. Corporate cards are for corporate use only. Do you agree?
  3. What is insider trading and how can it impact people at work?
  4. When might it be beneficial to include a supervisor in the conversation of co-worker confidentially being breached?
  5. What ethical scenarios have you been caught within?


Corporate Sustainability

This video relates to Learning Objective 2-6.  Learn more on page 53.

SAS is a business analytics software and services company.  This video demonstrates their commitment to social responsibility.

  1. What is a solar farm?
  2. How can vegetable scraps from the cafeteria be used for flowers?
  3. What does it mean when a company, city, or institution considers themselves “Going Green.”