Applying the Concept Answers

Applying the Concept 10-2: Perception Bias

Identify the perception bias indicated by each comment.

A. selectivity
B. frame of reference
C. stereotyping
D. expectations
E. “like me” assumption

6. The new guy Jamal is a tall black, so I guess I should talk about basketball with him.|
C. Stereotyping. This is a generalization of a group to one individual.

7. Helen is so predictable. I usually know what she is going to say at meetings.
D. Expectations. This indicates seeing or hearing what is anticipated.

8. Shawn, I realize you are a good worker, but you need to realize that I have to look out for everyone in the department. I can’t give you the assignment again.        
B. Frame of reference. This indicates Shawn seeing things from his point of view, not the manager’s.

9. I thought you were my friend, Hank, and that you would agree with me on this.         
E. Like me. An assumption is made regarding thinking alike.

10. Kit, your point is weak. Don’t you see that my five reasons for doing the task are more relevant?
A. Selectivity. This statement indicates screening information in favor of getting his own way.


Applying the Concept 10-3: Using Power

Identify the appropriate type of power to use in each situation.

A. coercive
B. connection
C. reward or legitimate
D. referent
E. information or expert

11. One of your best workers, Sonia, is currently not performing as usual. You are quite sure Sonia has a personal problem affecting her work.
D. Referent. You will get the best results at influencing Sonia by working on the relationship side of power. Show a personal concern and willingness to help.

12. A new expensive software program is now available that can increase your department productivity. Major purchases must be approved by a committee, and its decisions tend to be influenced by politics.
B. Connection. Working on the political connections is advisable to gain support for your request.

13. Samuel has talked to you about getting ahead through the company internal promotion policy and has asked you to help prepare him for a supervisor position when the next opportunity comes.
E. Information or Expert. Samuel is looking for information and your expertise to help him get promoted.

14. Amita has ignored one of your directives again, and the customer is upset about the poor-quality product she sent.
A. Coercive. When employees are intentionally not following orders, discipline through coercion is appropriate.

15. You have to get an important customer order shipped today, and Ari is not working to standard again. Ari claims that she does not feel well and cannot afford to take time off, so she can’t get much work done and may not get it shipped today.
C. Reward or Legitimate. You should make Ari realize the importance of getting the order out through a legitimate request for doing her job or going home sick.


Applying the Concept 10-4: Political Behavior

Identify the political behavior in each situation as:

A. effective
B. ineffective

16. Julio avoids socializing so that he can be more productive on the job.
B. Ineffective. Being a good worker is important, but you also need interpersonal relations to get things done politically. Socializing is an important part of power and politics.

17. Ronnie sent copies of a report that she wrote to three higher-level managers.
A. Effective. This is a way of getting recognition and visibility for your work.

18. Hoang has to drop off daily reports at a certain office by noon. He brings them in around 10:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that he can run into some higher-level managers who meet at that time near the office. On the other days, Ron drops the reports off around noon on his way to lunch.
A. Effective. This is a way of getting recognition and visibility and developing connections.

19. Pavel is taking golf lessons so that he can join the Saturday golf group that includes some higher-level managers.               
A. Effective. Taking lessons can prepare Pavel to make some political connections by learning the power players.

20. Juanita told her boss’s boss about a mistake her boss made yesterday.
B. Ineffective. If’s Juanita boss finds out about this behavior, this could be a big surprise that her boss could hold against her.


Applying the Concept 10-5: Conflict Management Styles

Identify the most appropriate conflict management style to use in each situation.

A. avoiding style
B. accommodating style
C. forcing style
D. negotiating style
E. collaborating style

21. Cindy joined a committee that she has no real interest in to make contacts. At a meeting, she makes a recommendation that is opposed by narcissist Karl, who is using a forcing style.
B. Accommodating style. When the conflict is not important to you but is for the other party, let it go. If you take a stance against the other person, this person and others that side with this person will not help in networking.

22. Ted is on a task force that has to select a new high-tech machine. The four alternatives will all do the job, but team members disagree about the brand, price, and service.
D. Negotiating style. This is a situation in which there is no simple clear solution, so a compromise is appropriate.

23. Liang is the sales manager. Competent sales rep Hank is trying to close a big sale. The two are discussing the next sales call, and they disagree on the strategy to use to close the sale.
E. Collaborating style. This is an important issue that requires an optimal solution. Hank needs to feel comfortable going into the sale. If the manager forces Hank to do it Liang’ way, he may rebel and intentionally lose the sale to show Liang was wrong. If they both agree on the strategy, the odds of closing the sale will be higher.

24. Jessica is on her way to an important meeting and running a little late. As Jessica leaves the office, at the other end of the work area she sees Bonnie socializing instead of working.     
A. Avoiding style. Jessica doesn’t have time to confront Bonnie now; however, when she gets back, Jessica should talk to Bonnie.

25. Kirkland is over budget for labor this month. The store currently is not busy, so he asks Kendra, a part-time employee, to leave work early. Kendra tells him she doesn’t want to go because she needs the money.
C. Forcing style. It is part of the manager’s job to implement unpopular decisions.