Video and Multimedia

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Control Systems

This video relates to Learning Objective 14-2.  Learn more on page 450.

An inside look at King’s Hawaiian and how they operate some of their control systems.

  1. What are the historical roots of King’s Hawaiian?
  2. How is technology used within the bakery?
  3. What does the technology allow them to do in their production system?
  4. What does it mean that they wanted a centralized system?
  5. What kinds of elements did they standardize?


Stocks, Bonds, and Funds

This video relates to Learning Objective 14-3.  Learn more on page 461.

Stocks, bonds, and funds all serve different roles.  Learn the differences from this short video.

  1. What is a stock?  What is a bond? What is a fund?
  2. What financial element better suits your interests?
  3. Which element can be more risky?  How come?


The Coaching Model

This video relates to Learning Objective 14-4.  Learn more on page 462.

A brief illustrated overview of the The One Minute Manager.

  1. How does one-minute goal setting work?
  2. How does one-minute praising work?
  3. How does one-minute reprimanding work?