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This Seventh Edition of Robert Lussier’s bestselling Management Fundamentals presents essential management themes through a three-pronged approach focused on concepts, applications, and skill building. Through a variety of applications, Lussier challenges millennials to think critically and apply concepts to their own experiences. Proven skill-building exercises, behavioral models, self-assessments, and individual and group exercises help students to develop their personal and professional skills. Fully updated throughout with 97% new references and over 1,200 new company examples, the Seventh Edition features 50% new cases, new self-assessments, and new applications and new coverage of current topics mandated by the AACSB.


We gratefully acknowledge Robert N. Lussier for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to Jeffrey Anderson of Ohio University, Eric Ecklund of Saint Francis University, Kristina Findley of George Fox University, Simona Giura of State University of New York Oneonta, and Vance Johnson Lewis of the University of Texas at Dallas for developing content on this site.