Discussion Questions

  1. How can correctional administrations address needs of special needs inmates?
  2. How might inmates with special needs interact with prison subculture?
  3. What are the implications of the intersections between mental illness, substance abuse, and criminal offenses?
  4. How can correctional agencies offer effective management and treatment of sex offenders?
  5. How are sex offenders treated in prison subculture?
  6. What are differences and similarities between elderly first-time offenders, habitual elderly offenders, and offender-turned-elderly-in-prisons?
  7. How can correctional systems address rising costs of housing elderly inmates?
  8. What are differences between detention and incarceration for juveniles?
  9. In what situations are juveniles waived to adult courts?
  10. What are likely effects of placing juveniles in institutions?
  11. What are reasons for racial disparities in juvenile detention and incarceration?