Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: The Death Penalty
Description: This Open Mind production describes how being both for and against the death penalty is possible.

Video 2: Capital Punishment: Retribution or Justice?
Description: This video offers a discussion on the retributive nature of the death penalty in the case of Timothy McVeigh.

Video 3: Cruel and All-Too-Usual
Description: This graphic real-world clip demonstrates physical punishment of youth in prison custody. (Transcript also available)

Audio 1: Calif. Law Calls for Stricter Prison Cell Phone Rules
Description: The use of smartphones and other cell phones in California prisons is discussed while lawmakers try to criminalize the use of such contraband.

Audio 2: She Was Ordered to Stay Drug-Free While On Probation. Is It Constitutional?
Description: This podcast explores the legalities surrounding probation conditions related to sobriety.

Audio 3: Oklahoma to Use Nitrogen Gas for Executions
Description: After two botched executions, Oklahoma will use nitrogen gas to execute death row inmates.

Web 1: Does the First Amendment End at the Prison Gate
Description: A former inmate’s novel about the prison experience is highlighted in lieu of the First Amendment.

Web 2: Know Your Rights: Medical, Dental and Mental Health Care
Description: The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) describes inmate rights under the Eighth Amendment.

Web 3: Nebraska Carries Out 1st Execution Using Fentanyl in U.S.
Description: This NPR news story describes the first execution using the controversial drug fentanyl.

Web 4: Does the Death Penalty Bring Closure to a Victim’s Family?
Description: The rehabilitative effect of the death penalty is discussed and evaluated.