Discussion Questions

  1. From a security perspective, what are the strengths and challenges of the Auburn/Sing Sing prison design and the panopticon prison design?
  2. From the perspective of inmates, what might be opportunities and challenges related to being in a rural prison or a metropolitan prison? Consider visits from friends and family, opportunities for vocation, and potential criminal ties.
  3. How can correctional administrators and staff balance security needs and constitutional rights in a supermax facility?
  4. From an inmate’s perspective, how would the various perimeter security features affect self-perception and perception of the institution?
  5. How can correctional agencies utilize both staff and technology to maintain internal security?
  6. Why might both inmates and staff be wary of blind spots?
  7. What are the challenges and opportunities with technological innovations in prisons?
  8. How does classification help protect the public and inmates?
  9. How can classification help correctional systems better allocate resources?
  10. What are specific challenges associated with protective custody and administrative segregation for both inmates and prison staff?
  11. Why is effective screening and appropriate placement of inmates critical?
  12. What are potential risks for prisons without an effective classification process?