Discussion Questions

  1. What are the most common offenses for female offenders?
  2. What trends have impacted the rate of women in prison?
  3. How did Elizabeth Fry impact incarceration for women?
  4. What are the historical and modern implications of racial disparities among female offenders?
  5. What do the economic and educational backgrounds of most female offenders potentially reveal about their offending history?
  6. What purposes can familial-like structures serve in women prisons?
  7. What are the connections between mental health issues, drug abuse, and offending? How can corrections agencies address these interrelated agencies?
  8. What are particular obstacles for mothers in prison?
  9. What are important specific considerations when dealing with female offenders?
  10. How can correctional agencies implement effective treatment programs for female offenders?
  11. How can involving offenders’ children and/or public and private agencies aid in treatment?