Discussion Questions

  1. What is the reason for most early releases?
  2. How does the modern system of parole rely upon Alexander Maconochie’s and Sir Walter Crofton’s innovations?
  3. How has parole evolved since 1960?
  4. What are key challenges with granting parole?
  5. How does parole serve as a release valve mechanism for correctional populations?
  6. What are obstacles with parole as a release valve mechanism?
  7. How can institutional parole officers support offenders before and upon release?
  8. What circumstances might fall within an Offender Accountability Plan and how can they be addressed?
  9. What are common conditions of parole?
  10. What does offender reentry entail and why is it important?
  11. How does the Second Chance Act affect reentry and what does it say about national correctional goals?
  12. What does the parole revocation process entail?
  13. How did Gagnon v. Scarpelli impact the parole revocation process?