Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: How ‘the Incarceration Capital of America’ Embraced Criminal Justice Reform
Description: The video describes Louisiana’s experience with prison population reforms to decrease inmates to reduce costs.

Video 2: NYT: Federal Prisons Director Resigns Amid Kushner, Sessions Infighting on Prison Reform
Description: This video highlights the challenges of criminal justice reform at the national level as politics becomes intertwined with correctional reform.

Audio 1: The Private Prison Industry Is Making a Comeback
Description: This audio describes the resurgence of private prisons after a downturn in their use during the Obama administration.

Audio 2: Nationwide Prison Strike Ends, But It’s Not Yet Clear If It Made a Difference
Description: This NPR audio clip discusses inmate protest of current treatment in prisons, including living conditions and wage earnings.

Web 1: Low Unemployment Means a Criminal Record Is Less of a Hurdle
Description: This article discusses the trend in employment opportunities for persons with a criminal record.

Web 2: Public Safety Realignment
Description: This website provides information on the public safety initiative in California to realign correctional populations based on risk.