Chapter Activities

Activity 1:

Design a Modern Jail

Divide students into groups of three to five individuals. This in-class activity will require a plain sheet of paper, at least 8 × 11, 8 × 14 would provide more space for drawing. In each group, assign or ask students to volunteer to serve as the following employees of the jail:

  1. Architect
  2. Warden
  3. Treatment program coordinator
  4. Correctional officers

Once assignments have been made, have each group determine the basic elements of a jail. The jail should include a booking center, housing, recreation, food service, laundry, treatment/education space, and other elements essential to the functioning of a prison. Assign the architect to sketch the jail incorporating the elements identified by the group. At the end, each group will share their design with the class.

Activity 2:

Jails for a Fee--1-Min Paper

Describe for students the concept of jails for a fee or pay-to-stay where inmates may pay to be housed in facilities that provide more creature comforts such as television, computer, and comfortable beds (see

For this assignment, ask students to write a 1-min paper comparing and contrasting the role of these jails in meeting the original intent behind jails as discussed in Chapter 1 and sentencing goals highlighted in Chapter 2.

Activity 3:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Detention Standards

Direct students to review the 2011 ICE detention standards (, generally, and Section 2.15 Use of Force and Restraints (, specifically.

Using an effective response technique, ask students to react to the description of the guidelines for ICE detention and the use of restrains. As they craft one or two sentence responses, ask students to consider the civil rights of detainees, the ethical considerations of separating families who are detained, and provide reactions to modern concerns about immigration and border protection. Have students take turns sharing their reactions and commenting on the responses of others.