Discussion Questions

  1. How do importation theory and exportation theory differ?
  2. According to Sykes, how do the pains of imprisonment impact prison subculture?
  3. How does the inmate economy impact the prison subculture?
  4. What does the term “convict” denote and how does it differ from traditional notions of an “inmate?”
  5. What does a symbiotic prison relationship between staff and inmates entail?
  6. What are potential impacts of a veteran officer using discretion in his/her authority, and a new officer using discretion in his/her authority?
  7. How might prior experiences impact adaptation to prison?
  8. What are potential differences and similarities in the ways prison staff and inmates experience prisonization?
  9. How does the tenet to not snitch in guard subculture compare to that in inmate subculture?
  10. What might be specific issues female correctional officers experience in prison?
  11. How and why does gang cross-pollination occur?
  12. How do gangs impact prison subculture?
  13. What are commonalities and differences between the various gangs described?
  14. What are opportunities and challenges to controlling gang problems in prison?