Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Bastille Day
Description: This video link describes the events related to Bastille Day when Paris residents stormed to fortress.

Video 2: Video Released of El Chapo Escaping
Description: A CNN video shows the escape of El Chapo from a Mexican prison.

Video 3: Last Days of Solitary
Description: This Frontline video demonstrates how solitary confinement is being decreased in Maine.

Video 4: Rare Look Inside an Arizona Maximum Security Prison
Description: News clip on the opening of a new Arizona maximum security facility.

Audio 1: When Prisoners Escape, How Can a Town Without Police Stay Safe?
Description: This audio clip describes how a local town responds to the escape of inmates from a minimum security prison nearby.

Audio 2: From Thermostats to Prison Security, More Things Going Online
Description: Technological advances in prison security are addressed in this audio clip.

Audio 3: North Dakota Prison Officials Think Outside the Box to Revamp Solitary Confinement
Description: This audio clip describes an alternative to the use of solitary confinement and highlights the negative impacts of the traditional methods of isolation.

Audio 4: Are Prison Populations Decreasing? Depends on Where You Look
Description: This NPR story describes the differences in prison populations across the United States since 2010.

Web 1: Pennsylvania Prisons Locked Down After Staff Exposed to Suspected Tainted Drugs
Description: This article describes a safety concern related to incoming mail and books tainted with dangerous drugs and how the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections handled the security breach.

Web 2: Arizona Department of Corrections Security Operations
Description: This website provides an example of different security divisions of the Arizona Department of Corrections.

Web 3: Obama Bans Solitary Confinement for Juveniles in Prisons
Description: The policy enacted under the Obama Administration to eliminate the use of solitary confinement for youth is described in this article.

Web 4: Assigning Inmates to Prison
Description: This website provides insight into the inmate classification system used in North Carolina.