Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Bail “Disrupters” to the Rescue
Description: The Bail Project highlights disparities in who can afford bail in America.

Video 2: Pay-to-Stay Jails? A Look at the Amenity-Filled Jails Offered at a Cost
Description: The concept of paying to stay in more secure jails with greater comforts is explored.

Video 3: Lost in Detention
Description: This video highlights the conditions of immigration detention centers post 9/11.

Audio 1: Is America Engaged in a “Vicious Circle” of Jailing the Poor?
Description: This audio highlights the modern challenges of jail and social class.

Audio 2: Screening Inmates for Mental Illness to Keep Them From Returning to Jail
Description: This podcast discusses how the jails can connect inmates to mental health care.

Audio 3: A Toddler’s Death Adds to Concerns About Migrant Detention
Description: Conditions of an immigrant detention center where a toddler died after a period of detention is the focus of this audio clip.

Web 1: Jail Inmates in 2016
Description: Annual data on jail inmates in the United States are presented.

Web 2: American Jail Association
Description: This website provides an overview of the national professional society for jail employees.