Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Probation for Profit
Description: This clip describes the controversy around the fines and fees associated with probation.

Video 2: Riverside County Probation Department Background Video
Description: The skills necessary and job opportunities for employment as a probation officer are highlighted in this promotional video.

Video 3: Former Patterson Mayor Joey Torres Gets 5 Years in Prison in Corruption Case
Description: After being sentenced to prison for corruption, Mayor Torres may be able to apply for intensive supervision probation.

Audio 1: After Thousands of Inmates Released Early, Probation Officers Will Be Watching
Description: This audio clip discusses how formerly incarcerated drug offenders are supervised on probation.

Audio 2: From a Life Term to Life on the Outside: When Aging Felons Are Freed
Description: A program that releases aging inmates on probation is described.

Audio 3: How Can America Reduce Mass Incarceration?
Description: Alternatives to prison such as community service are discussed.

Audio 4: A Caller Reflects on a Decade-Long Struggle With Substance Abuse
Description: Treatment and abstinence requirements are discussed from the perspective of a probationer.

Web 1: California Bill Would Require Doctors to Tell Patients When Put on Probation
Description: This news story describes the Patient Right to Know Act considered in California.

Web 2: Private Probation Services Penalize the Poor, New Report Says
Description: The use of private probation companies in lieu of state services is examined.

Web 3: History of Probation
Description: The origins of modern probation are briefly described from the Middle Ages to modern New York probation.