Video and Multimedia

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Web Links:

Web Link 8.1: Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence
Description: Website discussing the difference between fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence.

Web Link 8.2: Neuroscience and Intelligence
Description: Website discussing the neuroscience of intelligence from the point of view of Neruoscientist Rogier Kievit.

Web Link 8.3: Sternberg's Triarchic Theory
Description: Website providing a brief overview of Sternberg's Triarchic Theory of Intelligence.


Audio Link 8.1: Fixing Graduation Rates
Description: NPR discussion of how to enhance graduation rates by asking students who have dropped out. (4:36)


Video Link 8.1: History of IQ Testing
Description: This is a 44-minute lecture about the history of IQ testing. It is divided into 3-minute segments which can be watched individually as well.

Video Link 8.2: Dynamic assessment
Description: This video describes an approach that is different from standardized testing to assess a child's ability to learn.

Video Link 8.3: Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom
Description: Four short video clips on the site “Concept to Classroom” demonstrate the application of the theory of multiple intelligences.

Video Link 8.4: Intellectual Disability
Description: Ted Talk by Matthew Williams demands equality and respect for individuals with intellectual disabilities, told from the perspective of a Special Olympics athlete.

Video Link 8.5: Learning Disabilities
Description: This video shows an expert discussing learning disabilities and how to help children who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities.

Video Link 8.6: Gifted Children
Description: The story of a number of highly intellectually gifted children in a special school for the gifted.

Video Link 8.7: Head Start  
Description: Head Start approach to school readiness.

Video Link 8.8: Rafe Esquith
Description: Rafe Esquith is the only teacher to win the Presidential Medal of Honor. In this video he is being interviewed about measurement and the ways in which schools measure children's success.

Video Link 8.9: Promoting Girls’ Interest in STEM
Description: Ted Talk by Cassidy Williams discussing growing up in STEM as a girl and shares her story of pursuing her passion as a model for encouraging women in STEM.

Video Link 8.10: Girls Discuss Science Classes
Description: Some young women in Britain discuss the problems that arise in their physics classes, as well discussing single sex classrooms.

Video Link 8.11: Students at Risk for Dropping Out
Description: A video discussing factors of high school dropouts.