Discussion Questions

  1. Do you prefer to talk to people face-to-face, on the phone, or via text? Why?  Have you ever experienced miscommunication online or via text?
  2. What are your display rules? Are they like others in your family? How do you think you developed them?
  3. How empathetic are you? Do you easily feel other people’s pain? If not, do you know a person who does?
  4. Think about primary and secondary emotions.  How would Erik Erikson propose these develop?
  5. Describe your temperament. Do you think your temperament was a good fit with your parents’ (or other guardians’)?
  6. Provide a hypothetical example in which a parent uses emotion coaching with his/her child.  Did your parent(s) or guardian(s) use emotion coaching or emotion dismissing with you?
  7. When you want something, do you think about it until you get it? When a new electronic device or something you like comes out, do you stand in line to get it the first day?  Or are you able to delay gratification?
  8. Give an example of a child externalizing behavior and one internalizing behavior.
  9. Did you have any fears as a child? What were they?
  10. Do you know anyone who has experienced anxiety or depression? What was life like for that person? Were they able to stay focused on daily activities or did their thoughts interfere?
  11. How would you suggest a parent handle a defiant child?
  12. Which theory of attachment do you think best explains attachment? Why?
  13. Apply Bronfenbrenner’s theory to the development of attachment.  Which levels are most influential? How?
  14. Think about your own attachment throughout your life.  How do you define secure attachment? Do you consider yourself to be securely attached? If not, what might you do to increase the likelihood that you will experience secure attachment in future relationships?