Video and Multimedia

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Web Links:

Web Link 3.1: Problems with Self-Report Measures
Description: The website provides a discussion of the potential problems with self-report measures.

Web Link 3.2: Research methods
Description: The website explains some of the different research methods that can be used in psychology, including experimental designs, opinion based research methods, and observational research methods.

Web Link 3.3: APA Ethical Principles
Description: The APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct.


Audio Link 3.1: Medical Studies with Children
Description: NPR audio clip discussing how medical studies involving children often go unpublished.


Video link 3.1: Research methods
Description: An introduction to research methods in psychology

Video Link 3.2: Interview on Sexual Abuse
Description: This is a long video (almost 40 minutes) produced by the American Bar Association on the relationships between lawyers and child clients. It is long, but includes an interesting segment on approaching and interviewing children.

Video Link 3.3: Testifying in Court
Description: This video describes a child being prepared to testify in a trial.

Video link 3.4: MRI for children
Description: This video was made to help children who are going to be having an MRI and explains what it is and how to help children go through it.

Video link 3.5: Longitudinal study
Description: This is a brief overview of the film 49-up, in which a number of British children were filmed every 7 years. This is a documentary, not a research study, but it shows the longitudinal approach.