Video and Multimedia

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Web Links:

Web Link 13.1: Family
Description: ABC News webpage on an article that discusses what American say constitutes a family in the 2010s (includes a video).

Web Link 13.2: Genogram
Description: Website by Genopro that introduces the genogram and provides an example of a genogram.

Web Link 13.3: Shared and Nonshared Environment
Description: Website article by Dr. Steve Abel on the importance of environmental influences and provides an exercise to explore shared vs. nonshared environmental influences with siblings.


Audio Link 13.1: Birth Order
Description: NPR story discussing how much birth order shapes our lives. (5:12)


Video Link 13.1: Single Parents
Description: This video discusses the challenges of single parenting.

Video Link 13.2: Helping Children Cope with Divorce
Description: A psychologist offers advice to parents on how they can help their children cope with the parents' divorce by controlling their animosity toward each other.

Video Link 13.3: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Description: A pair of grandparents who are in their 60s talk about how being responsible for their three-year-old grandson has changed their lives.

Video Link 13.4: Gay and Lesbian Parents
Description: A gay couple discusses their adoption of a pair of young sisters and the legal challenges they faced.

Video Link 13.5: Open Adoption
Description: In an open adoption, the birth parents and adoptive parents continue a relationship following the adoption and as the child grows up.

Video Link 13.6: Family Mealtime
Description: Discussion of the benefits that come families sharing meals together.

Video Link 13.7: Changing Role of Fathers
Description: The role of fathers in parenting has changed dramatically in the past few decades.

Video Link 13.8: Parenting Style
Description: Headline Health discusses the different parenting styles and what they could mean for children.

Video Link 13.9: Sibling Relationships
Description: This video discusses the impact of the sibling relationship, and what we learn from it.

Video Link 13.10: Children with No Siblings
Description: This video discusses the phenomenon of only children and how the development of only children in school might be different from that of children with siblings.