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Web Links:

Web Link 15.1: Adverse Childhood Experiences
Description: CDC website discussing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

Web Link 15.2: Common Illnesses
Description: WebMD article on nine childhood illnesses parents should know about.

Web Link 15.3: Monitoring the Future
Description: The National Institute on Drug Abuse link to the Monitoring the Future results.

Web Link 15.4: Binge Drinking
Description: CDC website discussing the prevalence of binge drinking, what can be done, and the science behind the issue.


Audio Link 15.1: Child Abuse and Neglect Laws
Description: NPR report on how child abuse and neglect laws aren't being enforced. (3:41)


Video Link 15.1: Children's Stress and Coping
Description: In this inspiring talk, neuroscientist Kristen Race explains why Generation X is now "Generation Stress," and proposes small changes that will help you break the cycle of stress in your own life and your family's.

Video Link 15.2: Adverse Childhood Experiences
Description: Ted Talk by Nadine Burke Harris titled "How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime"

Video Link 15.3: HPV Vaccination
Description: This video by Dnews discusses HPV, one of the most common sexually transmitted infections affecting both men and women. The questions answered are: Is it dangerous, and can it be prevented?

Video Link 15.4: Child Life Specialists
Description: Child life specialists work with children and families to make hospital and medical situations less stressful for the entire family.

Video Link 15.5: Toxins
Description: This video, called Toxic Trespass, discusses the link between environmental toxins and children's health.

Video Link 15.6: Asthma
Description: Dr. Joseph Smith from Cornell University discusses childhood asthma.

Video Link 15.7: Marijuana and Presciption Drug Use
Description: Marijuana and prescription use is on the rise among adolescents.

Video Link 15.8: Binge Drinking
Description: This video from the CDC describes the range of risks associated with binge drinking.

Video Link 15.9: Children and Homelessness
Description: This story chronicles how a formerly middle-class family tries to cope with becoming homeless.

Video Link 15.10: Child Abuse
Description: The video looks at some causes and outcomes of child abuse, including families who successfully break the cycle.

Video Link 15.11: Childhood Schizophrenia
Description: Daily struggles of two families with schizophrenic children.

Video Link 15.12: Resilient Children
Description: A university study of the characteristics of resilient children.