Video and Multimedia

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Web Links:

Web Link 11.1: Marcia's Identity Statuses
Description: Website discussing James Marcia and self-identity.

Web Link 11.2: Media and Self-Esteem
Description: Website for the Dove Self-Esteem Project that provides a discussion of the role of media and links related to media and self-esteem.

Web Link 11.3: Ethnic Identity
Description: Website discussing various viewpoints on ethnic identity development.


Audio Link 11.1: Transgender Teens
Description: NPR report by activist Janet Mock asking for people to respect transgender teens.


Video Link 11.1: Mirror Self-Recognition
Description: Young children do not recognize that they are the child in the mirror.

Video Link 11.2: Bar Mitzvah
Description: This video shows a thirteen year old celebrating his Bar Mitzvah, a coming-of-age ritual for Jewish boys. A Bat Mitzvah is the equivalent ceremony for girls.

Video Link 11.3: Bali tooth-filing ceremony
Description: One coming-of-age celebration is the tooth filing ceremony that occurs in Bali.

Video Link 11.4: Body Image and Self Esteem
Description: Accepting your physical appearance helps adolescents feel good about themselves.

Video Link 11.5: Gender and Toys
Description: This video focuses on gender stereotyped toy choices.

Video Link 11.6: Gender Constancy
Description: This is an interesting video on children's interpretation of gender role stereotypes.

Video Link 11.7: Gender Identity and LGBTQ
Description: "Sam" is a short film about gender identity and LGBTQ bullying written and directed by Sal Bardo. Synopsis: After being bullied at school for dressing as a boy, Sam escapes into the fields surrounding her house, where she's forced to choose between who she is and who society thinks she should be.

Video Link 11.8: Kohlberg's Moral Dilemma
Description: This video provides examples of individuals answering Kohlberg's questions about moral reasoning.