Video and Multimedia

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Web Links:

Web Link 5.1: Prenatal Development
Description: Website that discusses the stages of prenatal development and common problems associated with prenatal development.

Web Link 5.2: Pregnancy Risks
Description: NIH website discussing the factors that put a pregnancy at risk.

Web Link 5.3: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Description: KidsHealth website discussing fetal alcohol syndrome.


Audio Link 5.1: Infant Mortality
Description: NPR audio story discussing infant mortality as an important indicatory of the health of a nation. (4:17)


Video Link 5.1: Prenatal Development
Description: This is a video that captures the development of a fetus week-by-week from conception to birth.

Video Link 5.2: In vitro fertilization
Description: This video describes how in vitro fertilization is conducted.

Video link 5.3: What we learn before we’re born
Description: Annie Murphy Paul investigates how life in the womb shapes who we become.

Video Link 5.4: Early Prenatal Visit
Description: This video was created by the March of Dimes to explain what happens at an early prenatal visit.

Video Link 5.5: Diet for the pregnant mother
Description: Interview with a dietitian about what pregnant women should be eating.

Video Link 5.6: Thalidomide
Description: This video discusses the history of thalidomide and the current uses of the drug.

Video Link 5.7: Stages of Labor
Description: A video that shows the stages of labor and delivery.

Video Link 5.8: Apgar Assessment
Description: This video shows the details of the  newborn APGAR scale, developed by Virginia Apgar.

Video Link 5.9: Infant Mortality
Description: UNICEF created this video to discuss the worldwide epidemic of infant mortality.

Video Link 5.10: Infant Massage
Description: This video shows infant massage and discusses the benefits of infant massage to both the infant and the caregiver.