Video and Multimedia

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Video 8.1: Conducting Productive Meetings
Description: Pennie Foster-Fishman shares how to move meetings from “Sit and Gits” (information exchange) to productive, meaningful time to engage in real-time problem-solving. This is helpful as the implementation stage of social work practice at the macro level often includes meetings.

Video 8.2A Clinical Social Work Intervention
Description: Social worker Marisa de Mireille discusses an intervention that she led with a client. The brief video touches on the engagement, assessment, planning, and implementation stages.

Audio 8.1Beginnings, Middles, and Ends: Stories about Social Work from Ogden Rogers, PhD
Description: Dr. Ogden Rogers recounts two stories that represent the middle phase of social work process. The first story is a short reflection on the benefits of doing social work. The second story, "The Principle of Opposites," takes the universal and often daunting experience of crisis work, and breaks it down into simple language that everyone can understand. [9:40-13:30]

Web 8.1: Community Toolbox
Description: This page of the community toolbox provides practical content that enhances understanding of how to realize the role of educator from a social work perspective.