Video and Multimedia

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Video 5.1: Brené Brown: The Power of Vulnerability
Description: Dr. Brené Brown, PhD, is a social work researcher who delves into vulnerability and how it can lead to strong human connections. This is relevant to expanding the information on vulnerability from the chapter. [3:20-10:00]

Video 5.2: The Art and Science of Engagement
Description: This TEDx Talk addresses the topic of how to engage with others. It uses references to a popular movie as a case example to emphasize engagement strategies.

Audio 5.1Engaging People at Risk for Suicide: Interview with Dana Alonzo, PhD
Description: Dr. Dana Alonzo, PhD, views that keeping people in treatment as a problem of engagement. She includes tips on how to improve engagement in treatment for anyone, regardless of suicide risk. [5:56-8:46]

Web 5.1: Anti-Oppressive Social Work with People with Disabilities
Description: This blog is a place for social workers to reflect on their practice.