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Journal Article 2.1 Dyeson, T. B. (2004). Cultural diversity and populations at risk: Social work education and practice. Home Health Care Management & Practice, 17(1): 45-47.

Abstract: The purpose of this article is to inform the reader how the social work profession prepares its practitioners to serve those who experience discrimination and oppression. This article describes how issues of cultural diversity and populations at risk are infused throughout the social work curriculum leading to the bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work. Applications to home health care are made.

Learning Objective: 2.4 Explore an in-depth meaning of diversity and its impact on the worker-client interaction.

Journal Article 2.2 Oko, J. (2006). Evaluating alternative approaches to social work: A critical review of the strengths perspective. Families in Society, 87(4): 601-611.

Abstract: This article provides students and practitioners with a framework for assessing new or alternative approaches to social work practice. Drawing on the work of Sibeon (1990), I examine approaches to social work theory, the nature of social work, and the relationship between theory and practice; I also present a typology for the assessment of social work theory. I look at the strengths perspective in social work (SPSW) (Saleebey, 1997) as an example of an alternative approach and critique it against Sibeon's (1990) typology and in light of two influential debates that have influenced discussions about the nature of social work, namely, welfarism and postmodernism. The article concludes that a framework for assessment enables critical analysis and reflection of different practice theories. Further, it allows for the review of established theory and practice assumptions and the degree to which alternative assumptions challenge or support existing approaches.

Learning Objective: 2.1 Describe the theoretical and conceptual framework related to Multi-System Practice.