Video and Multimedia

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Video 4.1: Brené Brown on Empathy
Description: Social Work Researcher Dr. Brené Brown narrates an animated short film on empathy. In the video, she compares empathy and sympathy while providing a number of examples of the benefits of empathic responses to make connections with others.

Video 4.2: Mindfulness, Self-Awareness and Self-Care for Social Workers
Description: Social Work Professor Dr. Betty Kramer provides an overview of the importance of self-awareness for social workers and how mindfulness can be helpful in achieving it. [5:40-10:54]

Video 4.3: Knowledge of Self in the Relationship
Dr. Saraswati Raju discusses how integrating personal qualities and professional attributes through self-knowledge and the professional use of self is an important element in any profession. Professional relationship is the capacity to integrate personal qualities and professional attributes. In social work, this integration is evident in the self-knowledge that practitioners acquire in due course of time. [0:00-7:45]

Audio 4.1: Annemarie Gockel: Practicing Presence: A Curriculum for Integrating Mindfulness Training into Direct Practice Instruction.
Description: In this episode, Dr. Annemarie Gockel describes her work, research, and experience as a social work educator who integrates mindfulness training with students into her social work courses. She discusses what mindfulness can look like in a classroom setting and how to introduce this method in this context. [2:29-8:20]

Web 4.1: The New Social Worker
Description: Linked to the self-care section of the New Social Worker website.