Video and Multimedia

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Video 6.1: Assessment Process
Description: Dr. Beverly Ford reviews the importance of the assessment process as a strengths-based collaboration with a client.

Video 6.2How to Draw Ecomaps
Description: This video demonstrates how to draw an ecomap. The video identifies the purpose of an ecomap, describes how ecomaps differ from genograms, and identifies the common symbols and lines used in ecomaps.

Audio 6.1Bio-psychosocial-Spiritual (BPSS) Assessment and Mental Status Exam (MSE)
Description: Dr. Jonathan B. Singer delivers discusses the Bio-Psychosocial-Spiritual (BPSS) assessment as the means for providing context for the client's presenting problems. He discusses the purpose of each of the four life domains and how the information is used in social work practice. Emphasis is placed on solution-focused approaches to assessment. [0:00-8:28]

Web 6.1: Social Workers Toolbox
Description: This webpage offers many social work assessment resources.