Video and Multimedia

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Video 10.1: Bruce Jansson – Oral History Interview
Description: Bruce Jansson, PhD, highlights that advocacy starts at the individual level and provides an overview of case advocacy. [29:36-34:36]

Video 10.2The Power of Listening
Description: This TED Talk discusses the importance of listening, which is an important social work skill for social workers.

Video 10.3: Knowledge/Values/Skills of Clinical Social Work
Description: Jane Hurley Johncox, MSW, LICSW, discusses what she views as the key knowledge, values, and skills that are needed to be an effective clinical social worker. She emphasizes the need to stay current with evidence-based practices.

Audio 10.1: Person-Centered Therapy
Description: This podcast talks about Carl Rogers and his revolutionary approach to psychotherapy–Person-Centered Therapy. Many concepts that Rogers introduced are still seen as skills in practice with individuals, such as empathy, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard. [0:00-5:00]

Web 10.1: National Association of Social Workers
Description: This link goes to the clinical practice section of the NASW website. There are many resources specific to clinical social work to include practice tools, professional development, and policy and news.