Video and Multimedia

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Video 2.1: Cultural Humility
Description: Juliana Mosley, PhD provides a TEDx Talk that explains cultural humility as a process oriented approach that takes into consideration who you are, your experiences, how you live in the world, and how you view the world through your own identities. [0:00-10:00]

Video 2.2: Want to Bring Out the Best in People? Start with Strengths
Description: Chris Wejr provides a TEDx Talk which posits that focusing on strengths is a way to make connections and build relationships. While the focus is in the context of an educational setting, the talk does have applicability to using strengths within multi-system social work practice. [0:00-4:05]

Audio 2.1: Multisystemic Therapy: A Strengths-Based, Collaborative Approach for Working with Negative Adolescent Behaviors
Description: Multisystemic therapy (MST) is an intensive intervention that works with the adolescent and their family, while also engaging the other important systems in the child's life. In this episode, Dr. Steven Halady, Erin DeWolfe, and Jessica Bonczar describe what MST is and how its ecological foundation informs and directs its application. While it must be noted that MST is not the same as Multi-system Practice (MSP) there are many similarities especially concerning the application of systems theory, ecological theory, and a strengths perspective. 

Web 2.1: Social Work Helper
Description: This webpage from Social Work Helper helps learners understand the difference between macro, mezzo, and micro levels of social work practice.