Video and Multimedia

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Video 3.1: Social Work in Context 
Description: Social work is a broad field encompassing micro, mezzo, and macro areas of practice. Consequently, social workers embody myriad professional roles. Professional identity is conceptualized as an extension of social identity. This project utilized in-depth, individual interviews with eight MSW-level social workers to explore shared values and norms of a professional social worker identity.

Video 3.2: Your Story is Your Strength
Description: Tiffany F. Southerland is a lawyer and social worker who talks about steps she took to transform the story around a difficult part of her childhood, from a point of pain to a source of strength.

Audio 3.1: Ethical Dilemmas in Contemporary Social Work: Trends and Challenges
Description: This discussion highlights a wide range of complex and challenging ethical issues in contemporary social work. Dr. Frederic Reamer introduces listeners to an array of ethical dilemmas that arise in clinical social work, supervision, administration, and advocacy. He shares his insights about the ways in which ethical standards in social work have changed over time and summarizes what he believes is essential ethics-related knowledge for every social worker.

Web 3.1: Social Work Today
Description: The Eye on Ethics section of the Social Work Today website.