Video and Multimedia

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Video 13.1: What’s the Difference between Mission and Vision?
Description: Many organizational leaders are confused about mission and vision statements. This video clarifies the terms and provides examples of each.

Video 13.2What is Organizational Culture? Why Culture Matters to Your Organization
Description: Daniel Denison, PhD, defines organizational culture and stresses why it is important to organizations and organizational practice.

Audio 13.1: Supervision for Social Workers
Description: This podcast discusses some basic concepts in supervision. It defines administrative, clinical, and supportive supervision, including improvement of clinical services and issues of liability. [4:45-8:52]

Audio 13.2: The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit: Creating a Self-Care Culture within the Workplace
Description: In this podcast, Beth Kanter, author of "The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit," offers strategies to help both individuals and nonprofit organizations obtain impact without burnout and create a culture of self-care within the workplace. She discusses creative techniques to promote organizational changes that are designed to advance employees' well-being. [2:37-7:09]

Web 13.1: The Network for Social Work Management
Description: The Network for Social Work Management is an international organization focused on strengthening and advancing social work management within health and human services.