Video and Multimedia

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Video 14.1: Macro Practice Interviews 
Description: This video highlights the value and diversity of community social work and features a number of social workers speaking about their community practice.

Video 14.2Community Problems are Wickedly Complex
Description: Pennie Foster-Fishman describes the complexity of community problems, and how we can more effectively address problems by understanding and addressing root causes.

Audio 14.1: The Challenges and Rewards of Collaborative Community-Based Research for Social Change
Description: This podcast is about how to balance the demands of doing good research with the passion that practitioners and advocates have for addressing the social problems that face their communities. [8:02-15:26]

Web 14.1: ACOSA
Description: ACOSA, Association for Community Organization and Social Action, is a membership organization for community organizers, activists, nonprofit administrators, community builders, policy practitioners, students, and educators. ACOSA will keep you informed of the latest innovations in community and administrative practice as well as provide you with a variety of opportunities for networking and professional advancement.

Web 14.2: Community Tool Box
Description: The Community Tool Box is a free, online resource for those working to build healthier communities and bring about social change. It offers thousands of pages of tips and tools for taking action in communities.

Web 14.3Influencing Social Policy
Description: Influencing Social Policy (ISP) is a nonprofit organization for social work educators, students, and practitioners with passion for policy! Their goal is to prepare and motivate social workers to play an active role in shaping the social policies that impact clients and communities.