Video and Multimedia

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Video 11.1: Beginning Treatment Assessing the Family Dynamics
Description: Senior Social Worker Cathleen Morey talks about assessing the family dynamics.

Video 11.2“What if it were your family?” Family Group Decision-Making
Description: This video provides an overview of the social work practice of family group decision-making.

Video 11.3: A Day in the Life of a Child Protection Caseworker - Ohio
Description: This video follows three caseworkers as they work to protect children from abuse and neglect, strengthen families, and make a difference in Ohio.

Audio 11.1: Findings from a Parenting Intervention for Foster and Kinship Families
Description: Dr. Elizabeth Greeno, Matthew Uretsky, and Dr. Patricia discuss improving the quality of life for foster children and parents. They describe what they learned studying a parenting intervention for foster and kinship families. [4:20-8:29]

Web 11.1: Child Welfare Information Gateway
Description: The Child Welfare Information Gateway provides a number of resources on family-centered practice.