SAGE Journal Articles

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Article 1: Conderman, G., & Hedin, L. (2012). Purposeful assessment practices for co-teachers. TEACHING Exceptional Children44(4), 18–27. doi:10.1177/004005991204400402

Abstract: This article provides an overview of co-assessment, or assessment practices for co-teachers; descriptions of various types of assessments; their uses; and examples of their functionality in co-taught classrooms. A checklist is also presented for use in determining the purposefulness of assessment practices in inclusion settings.

Article 2: Salend, S. J. (2009). Technology-based classroom assessments: Alternatives to testing. TEACHING Exceptional Children, 41(6), 48–58. doi:10.1177/004005990904100606

Abstract: This article provides descriptions of different technology-based classroom assessments and their uses as alternatives to traditional assessment methods. Along with specific examples, considerations and resources for these assessment types are also provided.