SAGE Journal Articles

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Article 1: Christof, K. J., & Kane, S. R. (1991). Relationship-building for students with autism. TEACHING Exceptional Children23(2), 49–51. doi:10.1177/004005999102300212

Abstract: This article provides background knowledge of the social and communicative needs of students with autism and descriptions and examples of effective strategies for developing skills in these areas.

Article 2: Salend, S. J., & Sylvestre, S. (2005). Understanding and addressing oppositional and defiant classroom behaviors. TEACHING Exceptional Children37(6), 32–39. doi:10.1177/004005990503700604

Abstract: This article will allow educators to gain knowledge in the basis of oppositional and defiant behaviors and their possible functions. Additionally, educators will learn the process of conducting functional behavior assessments and how to utilize the data collected to inform the behavior intervention process.