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Article 1: Sileo, J. M., & van Garderen, D. (2010). Creating optimal opportunities to learn mathematics: Blending co-teaching structures with research-based practices. TEACHING Exceptional Children42(3), 14–21. doi:10.1177/004005991004200302

Abstract: This article provides an overview of co-teaching, the various structures it encompasses, and examples of effective strategies that can be applied in these models. Challenges are also identified and discussed as well as ways to support the needs of special and general educators in these settings.

Article 2: Faulkner, V. N., & Cain, C. (2009). The components of number sense: An instructional model for teachers. TEACHING Exceptional Children41(5), 24–30. doi:10.1177/004005990904100503

Abstract: This article provides an overview of number sense. The components of number sense are broken down into individual skill sets, and examples are given for each. Instructional techniques are also provided, along with a case study of one middle school math teacher’s experiences.