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Video 5.1: Jerry Brown Wants to Make It Easier For Non-Violent Offenders to Get Parole
Description: Governor Jerry Brown on Wednesday proposed a ballot measure to make it easier for nonviolent offenders to gain parole.

Video 5.2: Shock Probation
Description: Admitted alcoholic with 9 DUIs could get shock probation.

Audio 5.1: A Federal Judge Says Mandatory Minimum Sentences Often Don’t Fit the Crime
Description: NPR’s Rachel Martin speaks to federal Judge Mark Bennett of Iowa, who opposes mandatory minimum charging and sentencing guidelines for nonviolent drug offenses.

Audio 5.2: Brock Turner’s Sentencing Revives Mandatory Minimums Debate
Description: The effectiveness of mandatory minimums is up for debate. NPR’s Scott Simon talks to retired federal judge and Harvard Law professor Nancy Gertner about the topic.